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I Am A Locksmith

(Ref The National Locksmith, Feb 2004)

All too often I see you after a traumatic burglary, when you are scared and upset. Many times you call me to improve your security when it is already too late. When your business is vandalized, I'm quickly on the scene. I fix the locks, which have been super-glued, or I install a new lock when the old one is broken. When you lose your door key, I come right over to pick the lock. I let you in your business and I make you a new key.

But locksmiths must also be part psychologist. Often, when you call locksmiths, you have had some sort of trouble. It is not easy to deal with people when they are upset.

I have been trained to secure and protect your home, your business, your property... and yes, even your life. I will be there for you when the cheap imported lock breaks.

Locksmiths take profession very seriously. In the best of all worlds, you'd call me to repair your locks before someone took advantage of them.

I spend my entire career trying to help you keep out the bad guys. I will be there to help you after the break-in. But it will bother me to know that a little security would have prevented your loss.

I will be there to help you protect what is yours. I offer products and services to help secure cars, homes, businesses, and more. I read trade magazines and belong to associations so I can learn more about how to protect you. My whole profession is sworn to protect and secure the property and safety of the public.

Of course you can call me after a loss. But I would rather be there first to help prevent that loss. Criminals offend me. Your security is a sacred trust to me.

I am a Locksmith.
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  • Overall, we are very happy with the work that was done. Jake was very courteous and professional during the entire service call. We would definitely use Locks And Unlocks again, and we will be recommending them to our friends if they are in need of a locksmith. Can't say enough about the experience!

    Scott Helm

  • We have angels around us. You were one of mine...

    R. Bender

  • Without you, I would never have got out of here- my property, a mile off the road, up a mountain on the border between England and Wales. Great value for all those of us over 6,000 miles away, who cannot get to Stoughton!

    Douglas Wright

  • It is obvious that Jake loves his job...was very informative and even passionate about the importance of adequately keyed locks for the security of your home...arrived exactly on time...said that only that little screw was keeping my lock secure and it was definately not going to do the job against an intruder...repaired three exterior locks for me...Now all my locks slide with ease, and I feel so much more secure. He noticed that we had a door in the garage where we never did install the deadbolt and he had one on his truck...so he installed that too. Very awesome and super honest.

    Krisit Warriner

  • Thank you SO much for helping get into my van tonight. You took almost no time at all to arrive. This was the most pleasant experience I have had in along time. I work in customer service and supervise a team of people who could take a page out of your book. I will be recommending your services to everyone! Again thank you.

    Travis Kelley

  • I only have great things to say about Jake. He is a perfectionist, a hard worker and very talented and does everything in his mobile shop !! I am very impressed with his service and prices.

    Diane Holmes

  • Jake...is who we use to deal with our bank owned properties. His speed and service is second to none. I know I can rely on him in a pinch.

    Dan Carey

  • He was very professional and was willing to squeeze me in and get it fixed right away. If i ever need a locksmith again I will be going back to Locks and Unlocks!

    Rick Edgerton

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